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Tips in Shopping for a Mini Projector


These days, portable projectors are becoming a lot smaller and lighter. The lightest and smallest ones are so easy to bring with and can be stuffed into a briefcase or your pocket. But then again, you have to know that small size isn't the only factor to weigh upon when you're looking for one. So if you're looking for the best mini projector, know the factors to weigh on.


The first thing you are to ask yourself is how portable do you want it to be? Generally speaking, you are to choose between two types, palm top and pico. But there's a bit of confusion because majority of palm top projector manufacturers call their devices as tiny projector. On the other hand, pico projectors are similar to a cell phone both in size and weight. Because of their small size, they easily fit in the pocket. Both of them are portable enough to be brought with you.


The next question you are to ask is the resolution of the mini projector for iPad. Your best bet here is to equal the resolution of the default resolution of the projector to the one you usually utilize. Unfortunately for you, you don't really have that much choice for both pico and palm tops because they only can reach the standard 800 x 600.


This time, we talk about the brightness level. Don't think that whenever it is brighter it is also better. However, in the case of portable projectors, the rule may well have an exception after all. This is because both of them don't really qualify as being too bright, regardless of the lighting conditions.Thus, you now can choose the one projector that's brighter because in essence it is the better.


But don't consider contrast ratio as a biggie. Contrast ratio is classified as the ratio of the brightness and darkest areas the projector makes. It may be a factor, but only a minor one when it comes to affecting the perception of image quality. Thus, it can be said that knowing the contrast ratio of the projector doesn't reveal anything important about it. Since pico and palm top projectors have inherently low brightness levels, the role of contrast ratio is really insignificant.


To conclude, you also will need to identify the kind of technology equipped in your pocket projector for iphone. By now, you must already know that DLP technology is what most portable projectors use. Other options you have are LCOS and laser. Nevertheless, there is still no telling if both LCOS and laser will make portable projectors better than DLP, because they're still untested.

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